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1985 born in Göttingen.
2005 graphics design in Hannover.
2006-2010 product design in Barcelona.
2011 Bachelor of Arts and Design, Escola la Llotja, Superior de Disseny i d'Art.

2011 intership at Justblue (Beiersdorf, Beck’s) and trainee at Lutz Hermann (Joop and Guess) in Hamburg.
I created and rendered the designs of cosmetic containers, beverage and perfume bottles, as well as the corresponding packaging.

2012 I started working as a permanently employed product designer for Miles Fashion GmbH in Hamburg, mainly focussing on the hardware segment but also on shoes and homeware.

Since 2013 I am working very happily as a freelance product designer and maker, enthusiastic about shapes, colors and textures, and enjoying challenging, creative and versatile projects.


If you you are interested in working with me,
please get in touch via e-mail or telephone.

Büro 43
Schanzenstraße 43
20357, Hamburg, Germany
0176 3295 0358